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When The Lights Go On Again: Memories of V.E. Day and after

When The Lights Go On Again: Memories of V.E. Day and after.

52 Interviews with individuals and groups, 1995. Transcriptions categorised.

T1: AE group: only the 40s Southwark parts (Eileen and Kath) and Lewisham (Richard) categorised.

T2: AE group, as for trans 1

[T3 not categorized – Gladys Barratt (Lewisham)]

T4: Joan Piper (Southwark)

T5 Mr Samson (Southwark)

T6: Flo Ball, Joe Ball, Lydia Dawkins, Louise Sedgewick, Tome Sedgewick, Gladys Fish and others (Side A only) (Southwark)

T7: Ivy Richardson (Southwark)

T8: Leonard Whitlock, Joe and others (Southwark)

T9: John, Mary Roberts, Joe Seely and Joe French and Doreen Wood (Southwark)

T10: John, Joe French and Doreen Wood (Southwark)

[T11 not categorized – ‘End of War tape’ – Marg Kippin etc.]

T12C Jack Woodward (Greenwich)

T13 Mrs Quinlan (Southwark)

T14 Grace Shelford (Southwark)

[T15 not categorized – Ladies Circle, Christchurch, Greenwich]

[T16 not categorized – Bob Blunt, Greenwich]

[T17 not categorized – Rothbury Fellowship, Greenwich]

T18 Iris Wilkins (Yalding Centre) (Southwark)

T19 Rosina Strange, Anne O’Connor, Iris Wilkins, Doris Prickett, Betty Dix, Mrs Gregory, Mary Davis at Yalding Centre (Southwark)

[T20 not categorized – Penny Cheeseman (Lewisham) and Edith Burnett (Norfolk)]

T21 Rose Watts, Mr and Mrs Leigh, Mr Winter, Doreen Davis, Doris Stevenson (Southwark)

T22 Doreen Davis, Doris Stevenson, Ron Kendrick (Southwark)

[T23 not categorized – Miss Applegate (Lewisham)]

[T24 not categorized – Pat McDonald and Joan Smith (Lewisham)]

T25 Mrs Bennett and Mrs McBrian (Southwark)

T26 Sam King (Southwark)

T27 Ethel Dorney, Sabina Brooks, Arthur Holyhead (Southwark)

T28 Bill Winter; Mr Elden (Southwark)

T29 Jean Hawks, Tehiay Gough-Yates, Lilley Tindale (Southwark)

T30 Gladys Beechey, Whinnie Tilby, Doris Bailey, Doris Mahoney, Jessie Yabsney (Southwark)

T31 Betty Notley, Lill Patrick, Mary Gibson, Bill Gibson (Southwark)

T31a Audrey Normington, Eleanora Ala, Mary McNulty, Stella Scalin, Bridie O’Sullivan, Miss Kearne (Southwark)

T32 Hilday Ward (Southwark)

T33 Queenie Turner (Southwark)

T34 Gladys Bailey, Mary Tlouter, Phylis Dean, Edith Cheshire (Southwark)

T35 Miss Lane (Southwark)

[T36 not categorized – Don Swann (Greenwich)]

T37 Mary Trivett, Win Mitchell, Jeanne Quick, Doris Pratt, Mr and Mrs Todd, Elisabeth Cole, Ellen Wright (Southwark)

T38 Grace Smith-Grogue, Barbara Rawle, John Rawle, Elisabeth Cole (Southwark)

[T39 not categorized – James Kebble (Greenwich)]

T40 Joe Scala (Southwark)

T41 Deborah Playne, Flo Spike, Milly Jackson, Ivy Morgan (Southwark)

[42 retranscription of 46 but incomplete]

43 Mr Davis

[T44 not categorized – Mrs Darling (Lewisham)]

[T45 not categorized – Mr Drury and Mr Drury (Lewisham]

T46 Elsie Blenkey, Doris Platt, Mary Ellmore (Southwark, Lewisham)

[T47 not categorized – Mrs Susan Swann and Mr Geoff Swann (Lewisham)]

T48 Mrs Cadge (Southwark)

[T49 not categorized – Mr Harper (Lewisham)]



[T52 not categorized – Mrs Sutherly (Lewisham)]

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  • Not sure. Will have to find relevant transcripts and check.
    Will get back if I find the answer

    By Pam Schweitzer (05/12/2020)
  • In your “When the Lights Go on Again” project, you have an entry, “T26 Sam King (Southwark)”.  Could someone confirm whether this is Sammy King a local boxer, WW veteran, please?  I have two generations with this name, senior born Deptford; and I am related to both of them.

    P.S.  clicking on the ‘privacy statement’ doesn’t take me to the relevant page.

    By Karen Harvey (09/06/2016)

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